Our Approach

We are united in our goal to place our scholars first, and we believe they will rise to meet our expectations. We invite you to learn about what we expect and how we serve our scholars.


Scholars at Flightline participate in the following academic courses and elective options:

  • Common Core curriculum
  • Eureka Math 
  • Gifted & Talented; Pre AP Math and ELA; ELA and math intervention classes for scholars who need additional support; electives: instrumental music, vocal music, art, STEAM/robotics, Spanish (8th grade)


We expect our scholars to learn something new each day and give 100% effort toward anything they do. We expect scholars to learn from their mistakes and never give up trying to reach their goals.


We guide our scholars to develop good character traits that support our school culture. These traits include the following:


  • Self-Discipline
  • Humility
  • Intelligence
  • Nobility
  • Excellence


The influence of leaders, mentors, and teachers can be profound. At JLCS – Lighthouse, our team of educators share an enthusiasm towards lifelong learning—for themselves and for their scholars. 

  • Flightline enjoys a low teacher turnover rate.
  • Our teachers are content specialists. Most focus only on teaching one subject throughout the day.
  • Our teachers and instructional support staff understand the developmental levels and needs of the middle-school-aged mind and provide intense support to help our scholars develop the skills that will be required of them in high school.

Safe Environment

Learning and thinking creatively can only be exercised when students feel safe in their surroundings. We create campus and classroom environments that are predictable, orderly, and physically and emotionally safe. To achieve this, we adhere to the following practices:

To ensure a safe and secure school environment, we work closely with the Little Rock Air Force Base to conduct all state-required safety drills in addition to special safety drills specific to the security protocols of the Air Force base.

Throughout the school day, our building is securely locked with access only through the front door, and classroom doors remain locked at all times. Visitors must ring a doorbell and identify themselves before we will grant entry through the front door. Visitors must check in at the front office and obtain a visitor’s pass before entering any part of the building besides the front office.

We constantly monitor scholar behavior, which allows us to be proactive in diffusing any negative behaviors before they become a disruption or safety concern. We recognize that parents are our closest partners when it comes to maintaining positive scholar behavior and school culture.

To and Through College

We support our scholars academically and concentrate our efforts on preparing them for success in high school and beyond. We accomplish this by continuously promoting post-secondary education through a variety of activities and programs incorporated into our curriculum, including a virtual college/university tour during monthly Town Hall assemblies. These tours expose our scholars to different schools throughout the year. We focus on the many career fields that these colleges and universities specialize in so our scholars can see the exciting possibilities available to them after earning a degree from one of these institutions.